So you know how to get fit, but do you know the facts behind physical activities and how many people actually choose to work out. Did you ever think to question how many people eat healthy or what others do to try and loose weight?

Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t, but here are some charts that show statistics taken from a worldwide database that is collected constantly of how many people are active based on different situations, households, and incomes.

This might be helpful for you in trying new things and getting your family and friends active.

This graph shows what people are doing in order to loose weight or become healthier in the United States.

Thinking about changing the way you have been dieting. Look at the different ways people have changed their diets and improved their lives.

Ways People changed their Diets

Statistics found here.

Graph number two shows physical activities of students based on their gender and ethnicity.

Did you ever think about how many other students are just as active as you? Managing school work among other things can be hard, but students have found to get to the gym or workout to stay healthy and fit.

U.S Students Physical Activity Levels by Gender and Race

Statistics found here.

This graph shows how active a  household is during the year based on incomes of $100,000 or $200,000.

Different activities are beneficial, and getting the entire family or even your friends makes it even more fun and worth getting up and moving.

2014: Household Participation in Physical Activities

Statistics found here.

I hope these graph have changed the way you look at your workouts and proved that getting up and moving is just as good as going to the gym or doing a quick workout.