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Weight Loss

Don’t go snacking wrong.


We all have reasoned with ourselves the “it’s healthy” comment when it comes to snacking, but are we snacking the wrong way?

You might think that is it okay to snack on a couple crackers or grab a 100 calorie bag of cookies, but what you don’t know is that those snacks are not good for weight loss.

You read the label, and it says only 100 calories, but really that are just cookies and bad for loosing weight.

One thing needs to another, and the healthier you think the snack is the more you eat of it.  What we think is healthy is not always the best choice when it come to snacking.

Here are 10 snacks we all have been guilty of eating when the cravings start to happen.

  1. Trail Mix- Between the recommended serving size that no one sticks to and the processed milk chocolate, trail mix is not doing you justice. When it’s all packaged together in one giant bag, we tend to over eat without thinking twice.
  2. Pretzels- These are high in sodium and double the protein and fiber for one daily serving. This can cause major damage to your weight loss goals.
  3. Rice Cakes- Yes, this snack is low in calories and fat, but rice cakes contain a larger amount of pure sugar which is not good for weight loss.
  4. Diet Soda- Diet soda have artificial sweeteners that can keep you full and kick cravings, but they also slow your metabolism down. Try eliminating caffeine to boost your metabolism.
  5. Chocolate Pudding Cups- Although it doesn’t contain a lot of calories, why not go for something that enriches you body more such as dark chocolate which has antioxidants and less sugar.
  6. Cheez-Its- These are high in calories that can increase your blood sugar and actually make your craving worse.

parfait-698633_12807. Granola and Skim Milk- The recommended servings size for this snack is 360 calories plus granola is just sugar and fat, so stay away from this snack as much as possible.

8. 100-Calorie Packs of Cookies- These packs are so small that people tend to eat more of them thinking “oh, it’s healthy,” but really they are just cookies.

9. Baby Carrots- They don’t keep you full for longer, so you snack again until you feel full. Try adding a humus or another source of protein with carrots to keep you full and on the weight loss track.

10. Flavored Yogurts- This snack is high in sugar due to the artificial flavoring that is added in.

So the next time you want to snack, think about what it is you are really about to eat, and don’t use the “it’s healthy, so I can eat more” excuse.

Snack away but, snack on the good things that will help you loose weight not set you back.


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Chocolate Shakes and Heavy Weights.


If you anything like me, you don’t want to give up you sweets or at least chocolate. It is good idea not to completely cut yourself off of sweets and junk food because once you do that you only want it more.

So to balance it out, have a snack every once in awhile because that will make leaving the sweets behind easier than just going cold turkey. Try treating yourself once a week and then slowly cut it back until you are barely snacking on the junk food and sweets.

One way to do that is blending healthy shakes with little treats inside that will kick the craving and benefit your weight loss journey.

Dr. Oz has come up with a smoothie that even the coffee lovers can’t resist. This smoothie is made for those who need an extra boost in the morning before their heavy weight training to help build muscle mass.

It’s called Dr. Oz: Banana Latte Smoothie Blend for Muscle Mass

All you need:

1 Scoop of chocolate protein powder

1 Cup of fat-free milk (almond milk works too)

3/4 Cup of your choice of coffee

2 Sliced Bananas

1 Cup of ice


Combine all the ingredients into a blender and mix until it fits your liking. Drink up!

This smoothie will help you loose 2 pounds over night and kick start your weight loss journey without giving up chocolate or coffee.


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Ten belly burning foods.


That stubborn belly fat just won’t budge, and you’ve tried everything.

Eating right, working out, and you cut down on the snacking.

Try eating these 10 belly fat burning foods to help reduce the fat that sits in your mid section.

These are great for a light morning breakfast, mid afternoon snack, or just adding a little flavor to a boring salad.

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Almonds
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Eggs
  5. Grapefruit
  6. Berries
  7. Lean meats
  8. Whole Grains
  9. Peanut Butter
  10. Green Veggies

Oatmeal is a great breakfast choice because it is filling and keeps you full for a long day at work or school. You can add some berries or almonds to make it even more beneficial. Eggs are another good start to the morning or even for an after workout snack. You could also eat some celery with peanut butter to refuel after exercising.

Try adding these 10 foods into your daily routine to lose that belly and feel good tomorrow.

For more information check out Health and Fitness Tips.

The After Binge


You just binged all weekend long, and now you feel guilty.

So how do you recover after a weekend binge?

The number one thing that anyone can tell you is not to freak out. Relax, breathe, and everything will be okay.

All weekend, you ate snack after snack after snack. Between the cookies, the cakes, the chips, and the extra fries, you ate constantly. Now you need to get back into the good stuff. Vegetables, protein, and water.

Here are some tips to lead you in the right direction.

Tip #1- Water. 

Water if your best friend, so as soon as you realized that you went on a binge, grab a bootle of water and drink up. This will help you get all the unnecessary wastes out of your body, but be sure you don’t drink an entire gallon of water in less than a hour. It may be your friend, but you don’t want to drown your cells.

Tip #2- Plan.

Plan tomorrow out with high protein and controlled portions, so eat eggs for breakfast, have a light lunch, and lots of vegetables for dinner or throughout the day and possibly throw in some chicken. The more protein the better. This will give your body some time to process everything that it went through.

Planning will help you from going back on the binge wagon and continuing the process of snacking. It’s better to be prepared then continue the streak.

Tip #3- Get some cardio.

Go to the gym and run or bike. Try to get cardio in and help counteract the binge, but don’t punish yourself by running for three hours straight. It’s okay that you went a little crazy, but the main thing is you’re getting back into it.

Tip #4- Let it go.

It already happened, and there’s nothing you can do. Just let it go and move on. There is no point in stressing about everything you did wrong or how crazy it was for you to blow everything that you worked for in one sitting. It’s okay because now you know, and you will be prepared for next time. Lesson learned.

Stressing will only make it worse, so relax, hit the gym, drink your water, and eat clean for the next day or two. Then you’ll be back into your routine in no time.

So the next time you binge, stop, relax, and prepare yourself for clean eating because you don’t want to fall onto a binge wagon and waste your hard work!


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Detoxing the Toxins.


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You had a bad weekend, you went off your diet, ate a little too much, and now you’re feeling guilty. Don’t stress out just yet.

It’s okay to enjoy yourself once and while, but what matters the most is that you don’t give up. You had a breaking point, and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

So everything you ate of the weekend, you want to flush as much of it out of your system as possible and one way to do that is a detox drink. Basically it’s a drink, typically made of water, that will clean your body of the toxins, wastes, that it doesn’t need. It also helps to boost your metabolism and ultimately help you get back into working hard.

There are plenty of different detox drinks and smoothies that you can try, but one drink that I like is the cinnamon, apple water that detoxes and helps you lose weight too!

All you need is:

1 Apple sliced (thin)

1 Cinnamon stick (Try not to use powder because it clogs the water.)

How to make:

Put the apple slices and cinnamon stick into a pitcher. Fill the pitcher half way with ice then with water. Put the pitcher in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving. Replace the contents regular to continue keep the flavors. (makes 2 liters)

You can drink this all day adding in regular glasses of water to get your eight serving of water. This is a great simple detox drink that will help speed up your metabolism and help you lose without you having to constantly make and remake the drink.

You make this pitcher once and have it all day!


Get the recipe here and more drinks to a flat belly!


Drop that number.

Dieting like everything else is not easy. People say the hardest part about dieting or eating right is getting past the first few days. Well, let me tell you something, it’s not at least for me is not. It starts out good, but then I get busy or I’m in a rush because I have to be somewhere, so it becomes a grab and go sort of thing. Then add late nights and busy schedules, dieting becomes more of a hustle than a way of feeling better. There are so many “do this” and “don’t do that” which makes it hard keep up with, so what I have found is that just making the right choice rather than following certain guides is a lot easier than trying to keep the constant battle of dos and don’ts.

Jillian Michael is back and more than ever is she relating to knowing the feeling of wanting to get rid of that unwanted weight. She recently took two seasons off from The Biggest Loser to start raising her family. While raising two kids, Jillian put a couple of pounds on, and now she wants it gone. “I’ve become the master of shortcuts! It’s still about eating less and moving more, but there’s a way to do it so you don’t feel miserable.” She gives the readers of Health Magazine some of her tips to losing weight and keeping it off.

Tip #1: Swear off fad diets. They ask you to stop eating one thing in order to lose weight, but in turn you are cutting out a major part of a food good that does harm to your metabolism and won’t help you lose in the end.

Tip #2: Be an 80/20 eater. 80 percent of what you eat should be healthy and 20 percent should be more calorie filled and fun, so you don’t feel as though you are cutting everything out.

Tip #3: Speak in positives. Say “I want to” and “I won’t” over “I have to” or “I cant.”

Tip #4: Get your sleep. Sleeping allows your body to balance out your hormones to help you lose weight.

Tip #5: Diversify your workouts. Work more muscles to help you lose more weight.

Tip #6: Order wisely at restaurants. Go in knowing what you want because most restaurants have the basic veggies, grains, and it will help you make your meal more beneficial.

Tip #7: Scout out lunch spots near the office. Make a list of healthy restaurants with fit meals near you that you can be prepared to order from at any time.

Tip #8: Travel with snacks. Bring small bags of almonds or oatmeal, healthy snacks, so when you feel hungry you have a something that you won’t regret later.

Tip #9: Fill up before parties. Fill up on something healthy before you go then that way you won’t be hungry later. Also, you can take a healthy dish with you to save you for when you do feel hungry later.

Tip #10: Eat citrus every day. It has cortisol in it which is a hormone that tells your body to store fat.

Tip #11: Eat more turkey. It has amino acids and helps you stay fuller for longer.

Tip #12: Drink plenty of water. Hydration stops hunger and increases your metabolism by three percent.

Tip #13: Say yes to dark chocolate. It is an antioxidant plus it cures your cravings.

Tip #14: Stand up! Stand up when you can because it burns 1.5 more calories than sitting.

Tip #15: Clean out your pantry. Get rid of everything that has high-fructose corn syrup, trans fat, and artificial sweeteners.

Tip #16: Spotlight healthy food. Put fruits and veggies at eye level in the refrigerator or out on the counter, so you can see them.

Tip #17: Ration your junk food. One buy one serving of junk food, so you don’t binge all day and ruin all the hard work.

Tip #18: Don’t freak out on ‘fat’ days. Sometimes when you haven’t worked out, you become sluggish making you feel fat. Do not panic.

All of these tips are easy for anyone and everyone to follow, and don’t make it a hustle to get fit and lose weight. It also makes it perfect for the on the go college students or the busy mom to find tips and tricks to staying on track with the little time you have to think about what you can do without the struggle of remember the “dos and don’ts” of dieting.

Check it out here.

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