Pain in the Squats.

Squatting the gym life on an empty pocket.

5 Moves to a Better You.

Never have time to go to the gym or just too tired to go after work.

Do you want a home workout routine that you can do in five minutes and stick to it? Here are five moves you can add to your routine that can be done right in the comfort of your home.

Check out this video with five moves you can do at home in five minutes or less.

5 moves to a better you from Pain in the Squats on Vimeo.

Do as many as you can in 20 seconds.

  1. Push ups
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Jumping Lunges
  4. Squats
  5. Sit ups

Start out doing as many as you can in 20 seconds. Each day increase the amount of time you so each exercise. The more you push yourself the better the results are.

Each exercise here as a modified version that can be done. It’s okay if you have to do the modified version, it just means you are willing to work harder to get better. Always try to increase the exercise time and intensity because this will help you to burn more and get better. Nothing comes easy, and nothing gets easy. You get better.


Don’t go snacking wrong.


We all have reasoned with ourselves the “it’s healthy” comment when it comes to snacking, but are we snacking the wrong way?

You might think that is it okay to snack on a couple crackers or grab a 100 calorie bag of cookies, but what you don’t know is that those snacks are not good for weight loss.

You read the label, and it says only 100 calories, but really that are just cookies and bad for loosing weight.

One thing needs to another, and the healthier you think the snack is the more you eat of it.  What we think is healthy is not always the best choice when it come to snacking.

Here are 10 snacks we all have been guilty of eating when the cravings start to happen.

  1. Trail Mix- Between the recommended serving size that no one sticks to and the processed milk chocolate, trail mix is not doing you justice. When it’s all packaged together in one giant bag, we tend to over eat without thinking twice.
  2. Pretzels- These are high in sodium and double the protein and fiber for one daily serving. This can cause major damage to your weight loss goals.
  3. Rice Cakes- Yes, this snack is low in calories and fat, but rice cakes contain a larger amount of pure sugar which is not good for weight loss.
  4. Diet Soda- Diet soda have artificial sweeteners that can keep you full and kick cravings, but they also slow your metabolism down. Try eliminating caffeine to boost your metabolism.
  5. Chocolate Pudding Cups- Although it doesn’t contain a lot of calories, why not go for something that enriches you body more such as dark chocolate which has antioxidants and less sugar.
  6. Cheez-Its- These are high in calories that can increase your blood sugar and actually make your craving worse.

parfait-698633_12807. Granola and Skim Milk- The recommended servings size for this snack is 360 calories plus granola is just sugar and fat, so stay away from this snack as much as possible.

8. 100-Calorie Packs of Cookies- These packs are so small that people tend to eat more of them thinking “oh, it’s healthy,” but really they are just cookies.

9. Baby Carrots- They don’t keep you full for longer, so you snack again until you feel full. Try adding a humus or another source of protein with carrots to keep you full and on the weight loss track.

10. Flavored Yogurts- This snack is high in sugar due to the artificial flavoring that is added in.

So the next time you want to snack, think about what it is you are really about to eat, and don’t use the “it’s healthy, so I can eat more” excuse.

Snack away but, snack on the good things that will help you loose weight not set you back.


For more snack to avoid and tips for snacking better check out 

If the shoe fits.


It’s like they if the shoes fits. Well here we are ready for our workout, but are your feet equipped with the best?

You might not have thought about it, but shoes make all the difference. Whether they match your perfect outfit or are perfect for your workout, shoes can be the change that will boost your workout to the max.

These are the best 13 shoes for every workout. Let’s see what fits you.

Best for running:

1. Brooks Transcend- Bad knees got you sitting on the couch, not with these shoes.They are great for runners who need extra padding supporting every step of the way.

2. Under Armour Speedform Apollo- No seams, no blisters, These are great because they move with you and give you plenty of room to move freely within the shoe.

Best for trails:

  1. Columbia Conspiracy Vapor- This is a breathable, lightweight shoe that has great traction to grip those rocks.
  2. The North Face Ultra Trail- These have great grip and bright colors that make you stand out amongst everyone else.

Best for Cross Training:

  1. New Balance 711 Heathered- This shoe has a soft sole and is great for running, jumping, and squatting.
  2. Reebok CrossFit Sprint TR- These have great support for those tough days at the gym, but they also have a secure fit to keep you going without stopping.
  3. Skechers Equalizer Oasis- With memory foam, these shoes are made to fit you and only you. They form to your feet and allow to move freely.

Best for Group Fitness Classes:

  1. Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2- Made for indoors and outdoors, this shoe has a soft layer for support and is durable to with stand anything you throw at it.
  2. Puma Bubble XT- The pods make it great to put a bounce in your workout.

Best for walking:

  1. C9 by Champion Edge- This shoe is great for all day wear because it has flexible technology that lets you move freely.
  2. Salomon X-Scream- These have great grip and are easy to slip on with shoe strings to deal with.

Best for Specialty:

  1. Adidas Outdoor Climacool Boat Shoe– These are easy to put on and keep the water out by draining it through the ports in the sole.
  2. Ryka Tenacity- Weak ankles, this shoe is great for support, yet comfortable enough to let your feet breathe.

Give these shoes a try the next time you work out and see if they fit you. It’s all about comfort, flexibility, and what shoe improves you.


For more shoes, brands, and prices check them out here.











Ice Cream, you scream.


Strawberry shortcake, banana split. We make your snack time great!

Ever crave some ice cream, but don’t want all the calories that come with it?

Here is a healthy recipe for strawberry banana ice cream that will kick the cravings and leave you feeling good.

What you need:

2 Bananas, sliced and frozen

1/2 Frozen strawberries

2 Tablespoons of heavy cream

1/2 Teaspoon of vanilla

How you make it:

Freeze the strawberries and bananas for at least an hour or so.

Step 1: Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. It should soft.

Step 2: Transfer to a freezer safe container and freeze for 3 hours.

Take out and enjoy!

Makes two servings.


For nutrition facts and more check out

Good Luck!

Tips, Tricks, and Turnups.

Ever wonder how others are working out? What motivates them to get up and get moving?

Have you been looking for new ideas?

When it comes to exercise there’s no “one way” to doing it. You find what fits you best, what you like to do, and what allows you to get the most out of the time you have. Every person has a different schedule, and no two people are the same, but it is always good to see what others are doing to give you an idea of what you could do better. Seeing someone or hearing them say they work out 5 to 6 days a week compared to your 2 to 3 days, might just push you to work out more days. If you’re anything like me, when you see someone working harder than you, you push yourself to get to that level and beyond.

So that’s what this is meant to do. To push you to find that something to make you work harder, to give you that extra push, and to give you an inside look on what others are doing.

From running to squats to drink plenty of water, these people share their tips with you about they stay fit and healthy. They also share a motivational quote that gets them moving every day and helps them stay or track when things get tough.

Everyone does something different when they work out, but all that matters is getting up and moving. So try this tips, tricks, and listen to these inspirational quotes to help motivate you to work harder.

Maybe this will make you want to share you tips or weight loss story. Or maybe it will get you moving in the right direction.

Listen to their story, get a workout in, share your story. We want to hear from you!

Chocolate Shakes and Heavy Weights.


If you anything like me, you don’t want to give up you sweets or at least chocolate. It is good idea not to completely cut yourself off of sweets and junk food because once you do that you only want it more.

So to balance it out, have a snack every once in awhile because that will make leaving the sweets behind easier than just going cold turkey. Try treating yourself once a week and then slowly cut it back until you are barely snacking on the junk food and sweets.

One way to do that is blending healthy shakes with little treats inside that will kick the craving and benefit your weight loss journey.

Dr. Oz has come up with a smoothie that even the coffee lovers can’t resist. This smoothie is made for those who need an extra boost in the morning before their heavy weight training to help build muscle mass.

It’s called Dr. Oz: Banana Latte Smoothie Blend for Muscle Mass

All you need:

1 Scoop of chocolate protein powder

1 Cup of fat-free milk (almond milk works too)

3/4 Cup of your choice of coffee

2 Sliced Bananas

1 Cup of ice


Combine all the ingredients into a blender and mix until it fits your liking. Drink up!

This smoothie will help you loose 2 pounds over night and kick start your weight loss journey without giving up chocolate or coffee.


For more on this recipes check it out here.

If you want more smoothie see here. 

Bad knees, good workout.


Just getting over an injury, an ACL or MCL tear or strain, or just plain getting old in the knees?

From someone who has experienced a knee injury and has seen it happen several times, I know what it means to try and get back into working out and not having problems.

So here are the dos and don’ts, the alternatives, and getting your mojo back exercises that will make your workouts less pain and more gain.

Bad Ankles

So the first thing you should do other than see your doctor after an injury is to not baby it. By that I mean try not to limp or not be on your ankle or try not to avoid moving it unless a doctor has told you so. Keeping moving, walking on it, and even putting normal pressure on it especially sprained ankles. You don’t want to get it stiff because that will make it take longer to getting back where you want to be.

Try this treadmill workout plan or outside walk in your neighborhood or at a local park.

Warmup for 5 minutes at a slow pace and little to no incline.

30 Minute workout

Walk 1 minute

Run for 30 seconds


Cooldown for 5 minutes walking at normal pace.

You should try and repeat this for the next couple of weeks increasing the time and the amount of time you run and walk.

For a 5 week treadmill plan for bad ankles check out Popsugar.

Bad Knees

Bad knees are a common thing that many people suffer from either due to injuries, old age, or wear and tear. Some things you should know before you plan a workout for bad knees is to stay at a healthy weight or if your muscles are to tight in your legs, you should use a foam roll or massage stich as a daily routine and stretch often.

Here are four good exercises that you can do at home anytime with no knee pain.

Prone leg lifts- Lie down on your stomach resting your head on your hands. Begin lifting your leg up as high as you can then lowering it back down. do 10 reps then switch to your other leg.

Pelvic Tilt- Lay down on your back with your knees bent. Lift up at the hips squeezing the butt and core, hold it for a second then lower back down. Repeat for 10 reps.

Side Lying Leg Lift- Lay on your right side with your right arm stretched out above you. Bend your right knee just enough to keep you balanced. Then lift your left leg off the ground and up as high as you can, lower it back down. Repeat for 10 reps then flip over and do your left leg.

Supine Squat- You will need a wall for this. Place your butt all the way against the wall and your left foot on the wall resting your right foot on your left knee. Rise you butt off the ground slowly and then back down for 10 reps. Switch legs and repeat the process.

Each of these moves should be repeated for 3 sets each.

Need a little more help watch this video.

Some other exercises you should try that will be easy on the knees are

  1. Using a stair or block, step up with one foot then back down. Repeat with the other foot and continue for 20 reps. (10 reps each leg)
  2. Partial Squats- Stand shoulder-width apart and lower yourself as far as it feels comfortable. Make sure you keep your knees behind your toes. 10 reps.
  3. Calf Raises- Stand with the front of your feet on a flat surface and the back hanging off. Raise up onto your toes and slowly lower them back down. Do 10 reps.
  4. Scissor Kicks- Lay down on your back and arms by your sides. Lift your legs up about 6 inches while lifting your shoulders up about an inch. Open up your legs as far as you can go and then back together. Repeat for 10 reps. Do not let your feet touch the ground.
  5. Swimming- This is great for anyone who has bad knees.
  6. Speed Walking- Running and jogging can put a lot of stress on your knees, so try walking at a fast pace on a flat surface. This help stretch out your muscles and remove stress from your knees.

For more exercises check them out here.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

With all the studying and staring at computers, our necks have become one of the most common problems many us of have experienced at some point. Your head weighs about 10 pounds, so no wonder we have problems, but there are exercises we can do to reduce that pressure.

  1. Look up at the ceiling and down to the floor slowly and gently staying relaxed. Repeat 5 times.
  2. Tilt your head to the right then to the left slowly and smoothly. You should not raise your shoulders up or down. Complete 5 reps.
  3. Turn your head to the right then to the left slow and gentle, and stay relaxed and ease your way around. Do 5 reps.
  4. Place your hands behind your head. Push forward with your hands, but push backwards with your head and neck. Hold for 10 seconds then relax. Do this 5 times.
  5. Place your hands on the front of your head. Push forward with your head and backwards with your hands holding it for 10 seconds then relaxing. Do 5 reps.
  6. Place your hand on the side of your head bracing your arm with the other. Push out with your head and in with your hand and arm. Repeat this on the other holding each for 10 seconds completing 5 reps.
  7. Place your hand on your chin then try to rotate your head outward. Do this on both sides holding for 10 seconds and 5 reps each.
  8. Lay down on your stomach resting your head in your hands. Raise your head up and hold for 30 seconds and relax back down. Do this 5 times.
  9. Lay down on your back and raise your head off the floor for 30 seconds then relax back down. Do 5 reps.

If you want more on neck exercise check them out here.

Try these out for a painless workout and for future painless workouts.

Flush the fat.

Need an extra boost to getting rid of the excess fat in your body.

Here are five fat flushing drink that will help flush the fat right out of your body.

  1. Lemon Water- Lemons are a great way to wake up the body and boost your fat metabolism. Try a glass of water or hot lemon water to start your day.
  2. Lemon and Grapefruit Esstenial Oil- Not only will it boost your metabolism, but grapefruit also releases fatty acids in the blood to be used as energy. You can add a couple of drops to any drink all day long.
  3. Green Tea- Known to be one of the healthiest drinks, green will boost your metabolism and improve brain health, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Drink this throughout the day to blast the fat.
  4. Ayuredic Tea- This is great for excess fat and preventing toxins from building up. Heat this up in a mug and drink it all day long.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar- This drink is great for improving blood sugar levels and digestion. You can add it with honey and water to drink all day long or make a cup of hot water and add it in to drink before a meal.

Try this drink and find which one you like best and sip it all day long to watch the fat melt off. I prefer the apple cider vinegar with honey and water right before a meal. It helps me to feel full and keeps me from over eating. Also, I like to add in lemon to give it an extra boost.

You can add lemons, grapefruit, or apple cider vinegar to any of these drinks to give an extra boost.


For or more information see here.

A walk through fitness.

You’re into getting fit now, but did you ever think about how fitness got to where it is now?

Over the past several hundred years, government program, people, and groups have dedicated their lives to better the lives of others through exercise and healthy eating.

Exercise start way back before 10,000 b.c., and each year it increased and grew into what it is now for it only to grow even more in the later years to come.

Take a walk through fitness history dating back to the 1920s and all the way up to 2016.


A Walk Through Fitness


More history here and on New York Times website.

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