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Flush the fat.

Need an extra boost to getting rid of the excess fat in your body.

Here are five fat flushing drink that will help flush the fat right out of your body.

  1. Lemon Water- Lemons are a great way to wake up the body and boost your fat metabolism. Try a glass of water or hot lemon water to start your day.
  2. Lemon and Grapefruit Esstenial Oil- Not only will it boost your metabolism, but grapefruit also releases fatty acids in the blood to be used as energy. You can add a couple of drops to any drink all day long.
  3. Green Tea- Known to be one of the healthiest drinks, green will boost your metabolism and improve brain health, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Drink this throughout the day to blast the fat.
  4. Ayuredic Tea- This is great for excess fat and preventing toxins from building up. Heat this up in a mug and drink it all day long.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar- This drink is great for improving blood sugar levels and digestion. You can add it with honey and water to drink all day long or make a cup of hot water and add it in to drink before a meal.

Try this drink and find which one you like best and sip it all day long to watch the fat melt off. I prefer the apple cider vinegar with honey and water right before a meal. It helps me to feel full and keeps me from over eating. Also, I like to add in lemon to give it an extra boost.

You can add lemons, grapefruit, or apple cider vinegar to any of these drinks to give an extra boost.


For or more information see here.


What are your workout habits?

A recent survey was taken in February to test the workout habits of people who all have different schedules and life styles. This is an overview of the results that will interest you in finding out what others like to do compared to your workout.

The survey takers were asked a series of questions pertaining to their demographics and habits during their workout time.

The people surveyed in the study were asked to categorize themselves in one of the following groups: student, stay at home mother/ father, work a 9-5 or long hours, or other (asked to specify). Out of the 24 people surveyed, 2o of those were students, three worked a 9-5 or long hours, and one was a stay at home mother/father. They also listed their age and whether they were female, male, or other. 21 of the participants in the survey fell into the age rage of 18 to 24.

The male to female ratio is represented in the following chart.

They then were asked about how often they worked out, where they worked out at, what their eating habits were, and in what order do they perform a workout.

As you can see, a lot of people choose to workout any where from three to six days a week which good because that means more people are getting up and moving even if it means just a walk around the park or a jog through their neighborhood.

With people’s busy schedules, they still find the time to go to the gym and exercise. From looking at the chart, a lot more people like the gym than their home. Maybe it’s because more equipment is offered at the gym or maybe they prefer the atmosphere of the gym setting.

The survey contained another question about how often they ate vegetables, fruits, and desserts during a week. With an average of 50 percent, most people said they ate meats, proteins, and eggs everyday. Also 83 percent of the participants said they ate desserts and candy bars zero to two times a week.

The survey gave way to many results in areas of many long they did certain exercise in a day or if they did those exercises at all, and the order in which they performed a workout. Most people start with a stretching or a warm up, but rarely did they ever choose a cool down exercise or method after their workout.

More people are choosing to work out because they want to stay fit and healthy, so the survey led to asking what was their favorite exercise moves, and as you can guess, squats ranked number one because who doesn’t love a good squat? Of course, the dreaded burpees would be everyone’s least favorite!

After having people respond to what their favorite exercises were, I will be giving new tips and tricks to advancing these moves further, but also giving alternative ways to do certain moves for people with bad knees or past injuries.

Hopefully the survey results, showed you what others are doing from day to day to give you a better understanding of where you are at, and maybe it will help you to improve your overall fitness level.



If you would like to take this survey, you can take it here.



Take the poll: What’s your favorite workout?

Want to know how many other people like doing the same exercises as you. Take this poll and find out now. Ask your friends and family which they prefer better.

All it takes is two seconds to click your favorite workout move.

Fit to facts.

So you know how to get fit, but do you know the facts behind physical activities and how many people actually choose to work out. Did you ever think to question how many people eat healthy or what others do to try and loose weight?

Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t, but here are some charts that show statistics taken from a worldwide database that is collected constantly of how many people are active based on different situations, households, and incomes.

This might be helpful for you in trying new things and getting your family and friends active.

This graph shows what people are doing in order to loose weight or become healthier in the United States.

Thinking about changing the way you have been dieting. Look at the different ways people have changed their diets and improved their lives.

Ways People changed their Diets

Statistics found here.

Graph number two shows physical activities of students based on their gender and ethnicity.

Did you ever think about how many other students are just as active as you? Managing school work among other things can be hard, but students have found to get to the gym or workout to stay healthy and fit.

U.S Students Physical Activity Levels by Gender and Race

Statistics found here.

This graph shows how active a  household is during the year based on incomes of $100,000 or $200,000.

Different activities are beneficial, and getting the entire family or even your friends makes it even more fun and worth getting up and moving.

2014: Household Participation in Physical Activities

Statistics found here.

I hope these graph have changed the way you look at your workouts and proved that getting up and moving is just as good as going to the gym or doing a quick workout.







So, you have been working hard, doing squats, but your butt is still not lifted.

It’s closing in on summer, and all you want is to get the butt tighten, toned, and lifted, so you can feel great when you’re rocking that swimsuit.

Here is a seven day challenge starting at 10 reps a day and increasing to 40 reps by the seventh day. Try it out to give your butt the lift that it needs.

Move one- Donkey kicks

How to: Start on all fours with your hands shoulder-width apart and knees hip-width apart. Flex your right foot, bend at the knee, and raise your leg so that you are pressing your heel towards the ceiling. Keep raising your leg until your heel is over your butt while squeezing your glutes then slowly lowering your leg back down without touching your knee to the ground. Continue for ten reps each leg.

Move two- Skater lunges

How to: You will start by doing a reverse lunge bending the right (back) leg at an angle. Leap to the left moving the left backwards only tapping your toe then jumping to the right repeating the process for ten reps.

Keep your knees bent staying low for the entire workout.

Move three- Glute bridges

How to: Lie on your back with your knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Raise at the hips until you form a straight line with your body. Take a pause, then lower your hips back to start position.

Move four- Lunge kicks

How to: Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your arms by your sides. Lunge forward with the left leg while singing the right arm forward and left arm back. Return to start position and switch to right leg. Do ten reps.

Move five- Squat jumps

How to: Squat down as low as you can keeping your knees behind your toes. Then jump as high as you can coming gently back down into a squat. Repeat for 10 reps.

Check it out here.

If you like this workout, try PopSugar’s Pilates butt lifting exercise that is only ten minutes.


The Bathroom Challenge.

zen-865022_1920                                          Picture from, a creative commons site.

Do you ever think that maybe spending that extra time in the bathroom could be more rewarding?

Finding the time to exercise is hard when you have a busy schedule, but finding the time to use the bathroom is not. Since hydration is an important role in healthy living, why not add some fitness to a daily routine that so many of us take advantage of. Every time you go to the bathroom, do 20 squats.

You take the time to look at yourself in the mirror, fix your hair, putting off going back to work, why not spend that extra thirty seconds do to 20 squats. That way at the day of the end when you didn’t make it to the gym, you can say I did this amount of squats today.

 You go to the bathroom six times that’s 120 squats. You can do it, but make sure you are doing them correctly and not just doing them to say you did something. Remember you are only cheating yourself. So, you go to the bathroom, wash your hands, fix yourself up, and do 20 squats. It takes no time at all, but it does a lot for you! Start improving yourself today by doing the bathroom challenge.


Let’s get fit.

Hi and welcome to Pain in the Squats the blog about getting fit, staying healthy, and looking good while you do it.

When you have so much on your plate with class, work, or kids, it’s hard to find the time to get to the gym. So I am here to blog about how you can do that without even going to the gym. That’s right. I will give you exercises, workout plans, recipes, and the occasional fashion tips on getting in shape right in your very own home.

Just as the title says, it is a Pain in the Squats to get swimsuit ready, but what if you didn’t have to stress those last three months because you found a way to do it during moments of freedom throughout your day hustle free. Even if you feel like you don’t have the time, you can do small things during the day when you are just sitting at work or in class, so that when it comes to the end of the day you won’t feel guilty for not going to the gym. I am here to help, so hopefully you can join the movement and get where you want to be!

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