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Squatting the gym life on an empty pocket.


Fit and fun

5 Moves to a Better You.

Never have time to go to the gym or just too tired to go after work.

Do you want a home workout routine that you can do in five minutes and stick to it? Here are five moves you can add to your routine that can be done right in the comfort of your home.

Check out this video with five moves you can do at home in five minutes or less.

5 moves to a better you from Pain in the Squats on Vimeo.

Do as many as you can in 20 seconds.

  1. Push ups
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Jumping Lunges
  4. Squats
  5. Sit ups

Start out doing as many as you can in 20 seconds. Each day increase the amount of time you so each exercise. The more you push yourself the better the results are.

Each exercise here as a modified version that can be done. It’s okay if you have to do the modified version, it just means you are willing to work harder to get better. Always try to increase the exercise time and intensity because this will help you to burn more and get better. Nothing comes easy, and nothing gets easy. You get better.


If the shoe fits.


It’s like they if the shoes fits. Well here we are ready for our workout, but are your feet equipped with the best?

You might not have thought about it, but shoes make all the difference. Whether they match your perfect outfit or are perfect for your workout, shoes can be the change that will boost your workout to the max.

These are the best 13 shoes for every workout. Let’s see what fits you.

Best for running:

1. Brooks Transcend- Bad knees got you sitting on the couch, not with these shoes.They are great for runners who need extra padding supporting every step of the way.

2. Under Armour Speedform Apollo- No seams, no blisters, These are great because they move with you and give you plenty of room to move freely within the shoe.

Best for trails:

  1. Columbia Conspiracy Vapor- This is a breathable, lightweight shoe that has great traction to grip those rocks.
  2. The North Face Ultra Trail- These have great grip and bright colors that make you stand out amongst everyone else.

Best for Cross Training:

  1. New Balance 711 Heathered- This shoe has a soft sole and is great for running, jumping, and squatting.
  2. Reebok CrossFit Sprint TR- These have great support for those tough days at the gym, but they also have a secure fit to keep you going without stopping.
  3. Skechers Equalizer Oasis- With memory foam, these shoes are made to fit you and only you. They form to your feet and allow to move freely.

Best for Group Fitness Classes:

  1. Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2- Made for indoors and outdoors, this shoe has a soft layer for support and is durable to with stand anything you throw at it.
  2. Puma Bubble XT- The pods make it great to put a bounce in your workout.

Best for walking:

  1. C9 by Champion Edge- This shoe is great for all day wear because it has flexible technology that lets you move freely.
  2. Salomon X-Scream- These have great grip and are easy to slip on with shoe strings to deal with.

Best for Specialty:

  1. Adidas Outdoor Climacool Boat Shoe– These are easy to put on and keep the water out by draining it through the ports in the sole.
  2. Ryka Tenacity- Weak ankles, this shoe is great for support, yet comfortable enough to let your feet breathe.

Give these shoes a try the next time you work out and see if they fit you. It’s all about comfort, flexibility, and what shoe improves you.


For more shoes, brands, and prices check them out here.











Tips, Tricks, and Turnups.

Ever wonder how others are working out? What motivates them to get up and get moving?

Have you been looking for new ideas?

When it comes to exercise there’s no “one way” to doing it. You find what fits you best, what you like to do, and what allows you to get the most out of the time you have. Every person has a different schedule, and no two people are the same, but it is always good to see what others are doing to give you an idea of what you could do better. Seeing someone or hearing them say they work out 5 to 6 days a week compared to your 2 to 3 days, might just push you to work out more days. If you’re anything like me, when you see someone working harder than you, you push yourself to get to that level and beyond.

So that’s what this is meant to do. To push you to find that something to make you work harder, to give you that extra push, and to give you an inside look on what others are doing.

From running to squats to drink plenty of water, these people share their tips with you about they stay fit and healthy. They also share a motivational quote that gets them moving every day and helps them stay or track when things get tough.

Everyone does something different when they work out, but all that matters is getting up and moving. So try this tips, tricks, and listen to these inspirational quotes to help motivate you to work harder.

Maybe this will make you want to share you tips or weight loss story. Or maybe it will get you moving in the right direction.

Listen to their story, get a workout in, share your story. We want to hear from you!

A walk through fitness.

You’re into getting fit now, but did you ever think about how fitness got to where it is now?

Over the past several hundred years, government program, people, and groups have dedicated their lives to better the lives of others through exercise and healthy eating.

Exercise start way back before 10,000 b.c., and each year it increased and grew into what it is now for it only to grow even more in the later years to come.

Take a walk through fitness history dating back to the 1920s and all the way up to 2016.


A Walk Through Fitness


More history here and on New York Times website.

Super Bowl Skinny.

10:38 pm And the MVP goes to…

Von Miller wins the MVP award for Super Bowl 50! #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

10:27 pm Final- Broncos win.


Denver Broncos take Super Bowl 50 with a score of 24-10 over the Carolina Panthers. #superbowlskinny #Jour280

10:19 pm Manning steps off.

Broncos punt the ball back to Carolina for the final 50 seconds. 24-10 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

10:12 pm 2 minute countdown

With just two minutes left in Super Bowl 50, Panthers are forced to punt the ball away. Denver takes control. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

10:05 pm Anderson scores

Broncos score with 3:08 on the clock; they go and complete the two point conversion. The score is now 24-10 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

10:01 pm Broncos duo

Miller and Ward attack again stripping the ball from Newton and recovering it making it Denver’s ball. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:55 pm Never give up.

Panthers keep fighting trying to shorten the six point lead the Broncos have over them, but Broncos fight back gaining the ball back with seven minutes left. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:50 pm Guilty Pleasure

With nine minutes left in the game, and you you’re craving some chocolate, try making a single serve brownie in a mug or just a serving of dark chocolate. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:45 pm Score change

Field goal for the Panthers making it 16-10. Broncos lead. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:37 pm Elay again


Elay for the Panthers strips the ball away from Manning making it Carolina’s ball. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:31 pm End of third.

Broncos get the ball at the start of the fourth quarter leading 16-7. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:29 pm Newton to Olsen.

Newton pass is good to tight end Greg Olsen. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:21 pm Denver forced to punt.

Broncos 45 yard punt gives way to a Carolina first down. 16-7 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:15 pm Interception to fumble.

Broncos intercept Panther ball only to fumble it shortly after, but don’t worry its still Denver’s ball. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:07 pm Field goals on Field goals.

Broncos field goal is good making the score 16-7 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

9:03 pm Panther miss.

Panthers miss their field goal attempt leaving the score 13-7 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

8:54 pm Panthers with a pick up.

Panthers gain a 14 yard gain to put them on the 25 yard line in Broncos end. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

8:50 pm Panthers take second half.

Panther receive the kick to open up the half of the Super Bowl. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

8:43 pm Booty like Beyoncé

Want a booty like Beyoncé, try these moves to build your own booty.

Move one: Jump Squats

Move two: Donkey Kicks

Move three: Walking Lunges

Move four: Glute Bridge

Do 20 reps for three sets in your next workout to get the booty you want. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

8:37 pm Beyoncé is in the building.

Bruno Mars appears first followed by Beyoncé to rock this Super Bowl halftime show. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

8:30 pm Coldplay takes the stage!


Coldplay opens up the Super Bowl 50’s halftime show. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

8:25 pm Recap

Broncos lead 13 to 7 over the Panthers with two field goal conversions and a touch down by Malik Jackson after Von Miller stripped that ball. Panthers touchdown was made by Jonathan Stewart to shorten the Broncos lead. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

8:18 pm Close out the half with a sack.

Ware with the sack on Newton for the Broncos to close out the first half of play. 13-7 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

8:08 pm 2 minutes till Halftime.

Coldplay with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars are performing for the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show! Get ready! #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

8:03 pm Interception for the Panthers!

Number 94 Ealy, with an interception. Panthers ball. 13-7 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:57 pm Fruits and fumbles.

Panthers fumble and Broncos recover. Try adding fruit to your water for a refreshing taste giving your drink the kick it needs, but keeping it low in calories. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:51 pm It’s good!

Broncos field goal is good making the score 13-7 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:47 pm 61 yard return.

Broncos return the ball back for a 61 yard return putting them on the 14 yard line. 10-7 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:45 pm Panthers on the fifty.


A back and forth battle between the two teams leads to the Panthers on the 50 yard line. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:38 pm Smoothie sipping and halftime waiting.

This is a good time to fix yourself a filling smoothie as we wait for Super Bowl 50’s halftime show. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:31 pm Carolina Touchdown!

Touchdown for the Carolina Panthers, and the extra point is good. 10-7 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:26 pm Panthers first down!

Cam Newton sliding into the first down in the opening of the second quarter. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:22 pm One minute in the first.


Panthers close at the quarter.

7:20 pm Squats and Commercials.

They commercials are great to watch, but don’t get too comfortable. Stand up, stretch out, and stay loosing by doing a couple squats right there in front of the television so you never miss a beat. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:13 pm Panthers push back.

Panthers are in Broncos territory. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:07 pm Touchdown Broncos!

Fumble on the play and recovered by the Broncos leading to a touchdown and extra point making the score 10-0 Broncos. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:05 pm Hydrated.

Like the players on the field, let’s all stay hydrated by drinking our daily eight glasses of water. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

7:00 pm Challenge Flag!

Panthers are challenging an incomplete pass thrown by Cam Newton. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

6:52 pm Panthers ball.

Five minutes into the game, Newton and the Panthers fight to keep the Broncos lead to a minimum. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

6:46 pm Broncos and Brownies.

Bronco’s field goal is good, and homemade protein brownies are even better. Get the recipe here and try them yourself. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

6:40 pm  Broncos to receive.

Manning takes the field with the Broncos as the Panther defensive sets up. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

6:30 pm  Super Bowl Skinny!

Let’s get ready to rumble! It’s Super Bowl 50, and it’s all about the Panthers and the Broncos. As Lady Gaga sings The Star-Spangled Banner, gather your family and friends as history in the making begins. #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

3:21 pm     Three hours till kick off!

Its Super Bowl Sunday the time for fun, games, and food. As the Panthers and the Broncos take the field, I will be live blogging the event with witty tips and tricks to making this Super Bowl 50 great, and you feeling good tomorrow. Stay turned in as we approach game time and Super Bowl Skinny!  #superbowlskinny #JOUR280

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