A recent survey was taken in February to test the workout habits of people who all have different schedules and life styles. This is an overview of the results that will interest you in finding out what others like to do compared to your workout.

The survey takers were asked a series of questions pertaining to their demographics and habits during their workout time.

The people surveyed in the study were asked to categorize themselves in one of the following groups: student, stay at home mother/ father, work a 9-5 or long hours, or other (asked to specify). Out of the 24 people surveyed, 2o of those were students, three worked a 9-5 or long hours, and one was a stay at home mother/father. They also listed their age and whether they were female, male, or other. 21 of the participants in the survey fell into the age rage of 18 to 24.

The male to female ratio is represented in the following chart.

They then were asked about how often they worked out, where they worked out at, what their eating habits were, and in what order do they perform a workout.

As you can see, a lot of people choose to workout any where from three to six days a week which good because that means more people are getting up and moving even if it means just a walk around the park or a jog through their neighborhood.

With people’s busy schedules, they still find the time to go to the gym and exercise. From looking at the chart, a lot more people like the gym than their home. Maybe it’s because more equipment is offered at the gym or maybe they prefer the atmosphere of the gym setting.

The survey contained another question about how often they ate vegetables, fruits, and desserts during a week. With an average of 50 percent, most people said they ate meats, proteins, and eggs everyday. Also 83 percent of the participants said they ate desserts and candy bars zero to two times a week.

The survey gave way to many results in areas of many long they did certain exercise in a day or if they did those exercises at all, and the order in which they performed a workout. Most people start with a stretching or a warm up, but rarely did they ever choose a cool down exercise or method after their workout.

More people are choosing to work out because they want to stay fit and healthy, so the survey led to asking what was their favorite exercise moves, and as you can guess, squats ranked number one because who doesn’t love a good squat? Of course, the dreaded burpees would be everyone’s least favorite!

After having people respond to what their favorite exercises were, I will be giving new tips and tricks to advancing these moves further, but also giving alternative ways to do certain moves for people with bad knees or past injuries.

Hopefully the survey results, showed you what others are doing from day to day to give you a better understanding of where you are at, and maybe it will help you to improve your overall fitness level.



If you would like to take this survey, you can take it here.