We all have reasoned with ourselves the “it’s healthy” comment when it comes to snacking, but are we snacking the wrong way?

You might think that is it okay to snack on a couple crackers or grab a 100 calorie bag of cookies, but what you don’t know is that those snacks are not good for weight loss.

You read the label, and it says only 100 calories, but really that are just cookies and bad for loosing weight.

One thing needs to another, and the healthier you think the snack is the more you eat of it.  What we think is healthy is not always the best choice when it come to snacking.

Here are 10 snacks we all have been guilty of eating when the cravings start to happen.

  1. Trail Mix- Between the recommended serving size that no one sticks to and the processed milk chocolate, trail mix is not doing you justice. When it’s all packaged together in one giant bag, we tend to over eat without thinking twice.
  2. Pretzels- These are high in sodium and double the protein and fiber for one daily serving. This can cause major damage to your weight loss goals.
  3. Rice Cakes- Yes, this snack is low in calories and fat, but rice cakes contain a larger amount of pure sugar which is not good for weight loss.
  4. Diet Soda- Diet soda have artificial sweeteners that can keep you full and kick cravings, but they also slow your metabolism down. Try eliminating caffeine to boost your metabolism.
  5. Chocolate Pudding Cups- Although it doesn’t contain a lot of calories, why not go for something that enriches you body more such as dark chocolate which has antioxidants and less sugar.
  6. Cheez-Its- These are high in calories that can increase your blood sugar and actually make your craving worse.

parfait-698633_12807. Granola and Skim Milk- The recommended servings size for this snack is 360 calories plus granola is just sugar and fat, so stay away from this snack as much as possible.

8. 100-Calorie Packs of Cookies- These packs are so small that people tend to eat more of them thinking “oh, it’s healthy,” but really they are just cookies.

9. Baby Carrots- They don’t keep you full for longer, so you snack again until you feel full. Try adding a humus or another source of protein with carrots to keep you full and on the weight loss track.

10. Flavored Yogurts- This snack is high in sugar due to the artificial flavoring that is added in.

So the next time you want to snack, think about what it is you are really about to eat, and don’t use the “it’s healthy, so I can eat more” excuse.

Snack away but, snack on the good things that will help you loose weight not set you back.


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