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With over 28 years under her belt as an athletic trainer, Kristin Baker sat down and talked about her time as a trainer and tips she recommends athletes and anyone who works out or plans to workout should follow.

After completing high school, Baker continued her schooling at Baldwin-Wallace College majoring in health and physical education. Located in Ohio, Baker studied a board curriculum of education, anatomy and physiology, exercise, nutrition, and first aid. She learned skills that led her to graduate in 1991 with a Bachelor’s degree in health and physical education and training.

After graduating from Baldwin-Wallace, Baker did some graduate work to further her career as an athletic trainer. She got hands on experience that prepared her to start a career at Med Central Health Systems.

She worked as a clinical trainer for over 15 years to where she then transfer to high school training at Mansfield Senior High School. Foe eight years, Baker aided students in football, softball, and other sports to maintain a healthy athletic career and nutritional diet.

The next eight years of her life all the way up till now, Kristin Baker has been one of the athletic trainers at Point Park University in association with UPMC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Her main goals working with students and athletes are educating the athlete, injury prevention, diagnosis of possible injuries, and rehab and conditioning.

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She travels with teams to home games and matches, attends practices, and she even travels to spring training with the baseball and softball teams. Baker is there to support and help the athlete’s before, during, and after practices and games to make sure all players have the care they need for soreness, and injuries.

Baker also helps the dance majors at Point Park and is there for any student looking to get knowledge of workouts and exercises or if they have and concerns with an injury that happened during their time at the school.

She gave some helpful tips that she recommends everyone who is working out or an athlete to follow to prevent injuries and health concerns. The number one thing she recommends is nutrition and knowing your portions sizes. She said giving your body a variety of meals and foods and eating at a moderation if the body more energy and allows it to restore lost energy from workouts.

Baker also recommends that students and everyone to eat breakfast even if it is just something small like a banana. Baker stated “It’s like if you don’t put gas in your car, then the car won’t run. It’s the same thing with your body if you don’t put fuel in, you won’t be getting the energy needed to get the most out of your workout or even day.

Another main tip that she recommends is to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. it is hard to get sleep as a college student or even on a busy schedule, so it’s okay if you go one or two days without eight hours, but it is good to balance it out making sure you get enough sleep on other days if not more.


She also mention other tips of stretch before and after workouts, get in a balance of cardio and strength, and finding a friend or family member to go to the gym or on a walk because it makes the workout more enjoyable.

Baker continues her career as athletic trainer at Point Park traveling with the teams, aiding in injury prevention, and giving her students knowledge to better living.



You can find more information of her work  here with Point Park University.

Want more on fitness and training, check out UPMC’s website.

Information was given by Kristin Baker in an interview earlier this week.