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Do you ever think that maybe spending that extra time in the bathroom could be more rewarding?

Finding the time to exercise is hard when you have a busy schedule, but finding the time to use the bathroom is not. Since hydration is an important role in healthy living, why not add some fitness to a daily routine that so many of us take advantage of. Every time you go to the bathroom, do 20 squats.

You take the time to look at yourself in the mirror, fix your hair, putting off going back to work, why not spend that extra thirty seconds do to 20 squats. That way at the day of the end when you didn’t make it to the gym, you can say I did this amount of squats today.

 You go to the bathroom six times that’s 120 squats. You can do it, but make sure you are doing them correctly and not just doing them to say you did something. Remember you are only cheating yourself. So, you go to the bathroom, wash your hands, fix yourself up, and do 20 squats. It takes no time at all, but it does a lot for you! Start improving yourself today by doing the bathroom challenge.