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The dreaded love handles. Nobody likes them. Nobody wants them.

We all want to slip into our jeans and feel good about it, but nobody wants that stubborn excess fat that hangs over. They are a pain. They make your pants fall down. You pull the pants over them, but it then gets uncomfortable. They rise up, they fall down. There’s no in between.

Love handles are a pain to deal with making it the one of the hardest things to lose, but it also makes it the desirable to get rid of. There is no win-win situation with love handles. So, let’s get rid of them now!

Try these moves of three sets every day for just five minutes.

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Set 1- Standing Side Bends

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms by your sides, and your back straight using good posture. Keeping your arms straight, bend at the waist to the right side touching the outside of your knee. Then you will stand back up straight, and repeat the process for 15 reps altogether. You can have a slight bend in the knee to help keep your body balanced. Repeat this on the left side 15 reps and three sets each side.

For more advanced methods, try adding weights to the side where you bend to give you more of a challenge. 

Set 2- Standing Russian Twists

Standing with your feet about shoulder width apart, arms at a 90 degree angle, and your knees slightly bent, twist you core to the right and twisting back all the way to the left almost as if you are swinging a ball from one hip the the other. Continue this process for 20 reps. You should try to keep your shoulder forward as much as possible and only twisting at the core and hips. Do three sets of these. (These are very similar to the Russian twists that would be done on the floor.

For more advanced methods, you can add a weighted medicine ball, and you would swing that back and forth as your twisting your core. 

Set 3- 30 second side planks

Lay down on your right side with your legs stacked on top of each other. Raise up onto your elbow and the side of your foot. You can place the top arm (Left arm) on your left hip to help you keep your balance.Hold this for 30 seconds. Then repeat the process on the left side. Do 30 seconds on each side for three sets.

These moves can be done in just minutes on your break at work, the ten minutes in between class, or just before bed. It takes no time at all, but it is meant to help blast those love handles away, so have fun and enjoy the workout because you’ll be glad you did and so will your jeans!

Good luck!

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