Let’s get to it.

Photo Source from Pixabay.com, a creative commons image source.

You haven’t been to the gym in awhile, but you have been trying hard about making the right choices when it comes to food. You have been watching how much you eat and when you eat. You chose the apple over the chocolate cake. You’re doing good, but you still feel guilty at the end of the day. You sit planted in front of the television thinking about how you could have gone to the gym, but you didn’t. Don’t get discouraged.

Let’s boost up that hard work in the kitchen with some daily free exercise. When I say ‘daily free,’ I don’t mean doing a video online or hitting the treadmill. I mean steps, blocks, and stand ups.

Did you know that one flight of stairs (12 steps) three times a day burns 15 calories. According to Health Sciences Center, taking the stairs burns twice as many calories as walking. So let’s get stepping!

Try this.

For one day, try taking the steps instead of the elevator, walk the five blocks to work or class, and choose not to take the easy route and challenge yourself to move more. If you sit all day at work, try standing for at least three hours during the day, or if you get lunch right a crossed the street, try that new salad bar down the street.

The more you move, the less you will have to feel guilty about in the end. For one day, move more than you did the day before.

Good luck!