You’re sitting there watching The Bachelor when it hits you, that late night snack attack. You want something chocolaty, but you don’t want to feel guilty. There are plenty of healthy options that you could choose from, but none of them fit the cravings you have. you tries snacking or carrots and ranch, and that wasn’t filling. The more sit there, the more you feel like your about to bust. Don’t cave, you can still have the chocolate without ruining your diet plan. Try making this single serve chocolate brownie in a mug. It’s only 100 calories, and it cooks in just 60 seconds.

All you need is: 

1 Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder (Unsweetened)

2 Packets of Sweetener (substitute for any sweetener like truvia)

2 Tablespoons of All Purpose Flour (Almond Flour works too!)

3 Tablespoons of Almond Milk or regular milk (yogurt as a substitute)

Once you have all of those things, grab a mug and pour all of the ingredients into the mug, and place in the microwave for 60 seconds (timing may vary). Then indulge into a delicious chocolate brownie that won’t make you feel guilty for snacking after dark.

Thanks to Living Sweet Moments, snack time is made great with chocolate brownies and no boundaries.

Recipe here