Working out can be hard and trying to find the perfect plan to fit your needs and your time is even harder, but the first step in getting fit is taking that stride of saying “I’m going to do this.” yoga-1147344_1920

So how can you make it work? Well, it all comes down to who you are as a person. Some people like high intensity, heavy weight training, and others like moderate cardio. This can be the tricky part because I have found that when you are not interested in your workout, you don’t put the effort into making it work. That is key. Finding what makes you happy and something that you will enjoy will make the workout less “work” and more fun.


So here is some tips that I have found useful.

Find a workout buddy or group to join. Ask your mom or friend to join you for a walk, take your dog, or create a club and/or neighbor exercise group because having someone can really motivate you to do it rather than just saying you’ll do it tomorrow.

Make it fun. Giving yourself rewards for when you reach a certain goal can really take the stress out of it. Make your workout plan an entertainment game rather than the basic, boring routines.

Never give up. No matter what happens never give up on working out. results won’t come as soon as you do them. Believe me I have been there! I’m the kind of person who does 5 sit ups and questions why I don’t have abs yet. It takes time, but the results will be worth it.


It’s not just about the workout, it’s about the eating too. Like most people will tell you “It’s not about just going to the gym, it’s about what happens in the kitchen.” So having a good diet plays a major part in getting fit, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up the sweets and the snacks.  It means picking and choosing what to eat based on what you did that day. Say you ran three miles and did 100 squats today, then you can eat a little more, but say you only did 30 squats and walked a few blocks. Maybe the hold off on that ice cream.


Balancing everything out to fit what works for you is the second step in getting fit. So try everything out. See what works for you, and if it doesn’t move on to the next thing. Eventually you will find it and that’s when it all starts coming together.


So take that first step and say “I’m going to do this,” and get started on your plan to a be you because there is no turning back, not this time!